• L’usine Space Blog

    Our friends at L’usine Lifestyle fashion store had launched their new blog, as well as a cafe, lunch facility that serves some mean baquettes.

    Check the Blog out L’usine Space

  • L’usine Store Opening

    On Monday, Saigon just said “hello” to one of the most awesome boutique urban fashion stores in the country, probably the first of its kind.

    Located in the Art Arcade on the swanky Dong Khoi street, L’usine is a massive fashion store/Art Gallery/Cafe, set up by the Unavailable crew who does the production for brands such as Rusty, Carlharrt ….

    The store stocks Supra, Clae shoes to Cheap Monday Jeans and Nooka watches. Definitely a must visit for any trend seekers out there.


    Address: 151 Dong Khoi, 1st floor, district 1